Science + Art

The theme of this post is definitely the crossover between science and art, though some may argue they are one in the same.

Examples of some science + math fun featured here:

  • Alien earrings
    • I’ve never seen the movie, but these made me want to pierce my ears just to buy them
  • An AI information attendant
    • This fits more so in the uncanny valley, but nonetheless a cool example of new tech
  • A car going down stairs
    • I have no explanation for this one
  • Giant Unicorn Gundam
    • A big robot with a horn to me, but a cool anime destination for others
  • Toyota Showroom
    • Went there not just because my family owns 3 Camrys, but also because seeing the direction vehicles are headed is pretty darn cool!

However, the highlight, was definitely the Mori Building Digital Art Museum by Epson teamLAB Borderless. Without a doubt it’s definitely up there with the Exploratorium as one of my favorite museums and for the same reason: they’re both interactive. They also both instill a sense of wonder for adults and children behind which is some pretty cool science and math. Admittedly, the Borderless Museum is also incredibly Instagram worthy, but that’s besides the point. It’s a place where you can easily get lost in the best way (Annabel and I were in there for 3 hours and I think we still missed a room or two). The definition of a place you have to visit to really understand and appreciate, but hopefully these pictures give you an idea.



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