Party of One

Note: These pictures have no captions because really, they’re not all that interesting and I was focused more on the performers than taking pics.

Just like how I decided to apply for this research program, I decided to buy tickets to Summer Sonic while avoiding studying for a thermodynamics final. I distinctly remember browsing Twitter on fourth floor mountainside and seeing that Chance the Rapper would be coming to Japan while I was going to be here. Now, I don’t really care that much about Chance, but out of curiosity, I looked into it further and found out that Shawn Mendes would also be performing at the festival and it was decided. I needed to see him perform “Lost in Japan” while in Japan for no reason other than I thought it would be funny.

Some background: Summer Sonic is one of two main summer music festivals in Japan. The other one is called Fuji Rock and while it had an enticing line up (Kendrick Lamar, Jack Johnson, Odeza, Post Malone etc.) it was super far and expensive, and like I said I was after the laughs.

Anyways, no one wanted to come with me, but that’s never a reason not to do something you want to do. I ended up attending Summer Sonic alone, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all. I sang and danced like no one was watching and even made it to the front row by Shawn Mendes’s set. It was one of the most fun experiences ever and though some of the people around me might have thought I was crazy, I made it on the jumbotron every time the camera man came by so there.

Day 1 Line Up and Thoughts:

  • The Sherlocks
    • British alt rock band. Pretty chill, but only got a half hour set
  • Ruel
    • Hidden gem from Australia, kinda reminds me of Honne’s sound
      Holy cow, just found out he’s 15??? Even more reason to watch this kid
  • Why Don’t We
    • American pop boy band – and their dance moves only further confirmed that fact. Kidding aside, they were pretty catchy
    • Super young guys (17-20), but apparently pretty famous among Japanese teens
  • back number
    • Japanese rock band, couldn’t understand the lyrics, but still fun!
  • Shawn Mendes
    • You guys, hearing “Lost in Japan” in Japan was exactly what I wanted it to be. Plus, Shawn did covers of “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Use Somebody”
  • Marshmello
    • LIT. And I do not use that word lightly, especially about DJs. But I guess pyrotechnics, smoke, and streamers can charm a girl.
    • Saddest part when he played “Mr. Brightside” and “Don’t Stop Belivin'” remixes and no one knew the words, but I was singing (read: screaming) along.
  • Noel Gallegher’s High Flying Birds
    • English rock band
    • Somehow this was the craziest set?? Like this band was the headliner for Day 1 and somehow Shawn Mendes and Marshmello were warm ups?
    • I got super squished against the barricades and was clearly not as into them as the other fans, so I decided to give up my front row spot. Problem was there was NO way to get out the way I came in, so a security guard lifted me over the barricade and fireman carried me outta there.

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