I’m a good noodle!

Aka a pictorial representation of how I got to make my own Cup Noodles (which I swear used to be called “Cup o’ Noodles” – maybe another Mandela Effect scenario)

  1. A blank, plain cup issued from a vending machine
  2. Color the cup to your liking! I wasn’t super creative and mostly wanted to get to the noodles part.

  3. Put the noodles into the cup – upside down! Fun fact, this the process took a lot of innovating to come up with as simply dropping the block of noodles would be inconsistent.

  4. Pick a seasoning a 4 toppings! I chose chicken flavor ’cause I’m basic as well as green onion, little chicken cartoon thingies, crab, and egg.

  5. Stamp the lid onto the cup.

  6. Seal the cup in plastic wrap for freshness.

  7. Heat shrink that plastic!

  8. A complete custom Cup Noodles!

  9. The shop provides this cute carrying…balloon purse? so that the cup doesn’t get crushed. It’s cute and smart and I loved it.


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